Current Exhibitions


By Maxwell Haugh-Ewald 

“If I were to personify anemones and urchins I would call them shy, or perhaps standoffish. My work is a fictionization and abstraction of nature. An exploration into an alien world. An escape. I hope to create an illusion that people can escape into and explore.  


My method reflects this desire for escape and exploration. When I make sculptures it is often improvisational. While I may have an idea of scale or inspiration I don’t know what the result will be until it’s finished. I hope to share that sense of exploration with those that view my work. I hope that each angle and detail contains something different. To capture that exploration I often work with drippy glaze application and highly textured forms. To further explore this sense of exploration, this body of work uses a highly-matte highly-black paint that flattens three dimensional objects. This causes sculptural pieces to appear to be drastically different from different angles resulting in a piece that is exciting in the round.”



By Alex Schmiechen

Artist’s Statement:  “This series of work is inspired by my internal ruminations, anxieties, and resilience. I feel shame and self judgement due to my anxiety, which I seek to release through acts of vulnerability in my pottery practice. It emerges in my surface decoration through the words I inscribe on my vessels, as well as the meditative actions that accompany wheel throwing. I am often hesitant to tell people about my experience with anxiety; it is difficult but also freeing to explain it through the aesthetic choices in my work.

I experience anxiety as high levels of illogical panic and stress; fears and self judgement overwhelm me. I often worry that I am not doing enough, that I will be alone, and I am uncertain about the future. My chest and throat are tight. My eyes water. I want to isolate. I try to remind myself that I am enough and that I am ok. I try to ground myself and let the wave of feeling pass – it eventually does. I hold on and allow myself to feel instead of tamping down my emotion out of fear.

If you look closely you can see my thoughts written on these vessels. I wrote these phrases on everyday items, such as planters and mugs, to convey not only the pervasiveness of my own anxiety but also my own resilience. Anxiety is an everyday experience for me and many others, but so is our strength and persistence to keep on going as best we can. I am working on accepting that these high levels of anxiety may always be a part of me. I am trying to let go and be gentle with myself.”

2020 Upcoming Exhibitions

 Mtchell Hilzer 

 June 4th–June 27th

 Gallery Online Tour June 4th, beginning at 6pm via Facebook LIVE


 Hiromi Iyoma

July 2nd through July 25th  

 Opening Reception: July 2nd


Veronica Watkins

Show Title:  Formation Amendments

August 6 through August 29th

 Artist Lecture and opening will be on Thursday, August 6th at 6PM

Beth Lambert

 August 6th through August 29th


Iowa Clay Conference

September 10th through October 10th

Opening Reception: September 3rd

Center College

October 24th through November 20th

Reception: November 5th


Very Cherry Holiday Sale

November 28th through December 3rd

Reception: December 23rd



January 7th through January 30th

Opening Reception: January 7th, 2021