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Curbside Clay and Underglaze Pickup

April 1, 2020


Take & Create–Art Projects at Home!

We are excited to be able to offer our Community Curbside Clay Pickup on Saturdays from 10-2pm.  Please order clay by 9am Saturday mornings to pick up on the same day.  Prices are per 25 pound bag. Quantities are updated weekly.

1. Dakota Terracotta: $16.50 for a 25 lb bag

Further Information: (cone 06-02) This light Indian red clay works well. It is a perfect light Terra Cotta color. Oxidation only. For Low Fire Glazes

2. Continental Clay B-Clay: $21.53 25 lb bags

Cone 5-10. Its smooth, porcelain texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires to a cream color in oxidation. This clay body contains a very fine grog makes for a more forgiving body with a slight texture and minimal speckling

3. Dakota Low Fire White: $17.00 for a 25 lb bag

Cone 06-02. This fantastic low fire white clay is superior for hand building and wheel work. Make it thin, make it thick, bisque it slow; you’ll be amazed how few cracks and explosions there are.

4. Dakota Chad’s Bod: $17.00 25 lb bag

Cone 06-10. This is a versatile plastic clay body. Excellent for all temperatures and all types of firing. Low fire , Pit , raku, MidRange Cone 10 using oxidation, Reduction, Wood or Salt firing methods. Fires to white body.

5. Dakota White Stone: $17.75 25 lb bags

Cone 6 – 10. Fires to a light cream, with small specks. Good for wheel or hand building. No problem with bloating.

6. Dakota Earthstone: $17.75 25 lb bags

Cone 6 – 10. Fires light gray oxidation, Rich warm Red Brown in reduction or wood fire. Good for wheel or hand building. No problem with bloating.

7. Dakota MHM Stoneware: $16.50 25 lb bags

Cone 10. This clay body has more Fireclay. MHM is smoother, so if you are looking to do larger pieces, consider wedging in extra grog. Works well with wood fire, gas , salt also. Light Gray- oxidation and Warm Toast – reduction.

8. Grolleg Porcelain: $31.69 25 lb bag

Cone 8-10. Classic porcelain body made with Grolleg kaolin from England for whiteness and plasticity, with finely ground flint added for translucency. A smooth, creamy formula that throws and handles like traditional handcrafted porcelain. Thin areas are translucent and clay is vitreous at cone 10. Light cream in oxidation and glassy white in reduction.

Amaco Velvet Underglaze available for purchase/ Saturday pickup.  Each underglaze contains 2 ml.

9. Medium Blue V-326 – $6

10. Intense Yellow v391 – $7.85

11. Bright Red v387 – $7.85

12. Chocolate Brown v-314 – $6

13. Velour Black V-370 – $6.85

14 Dark Green v-353 – $7.85

15. Turquoise Blue V-327 – $6

16. White v-360 $6

17. Real Orange v-384 $7.85


Curbside Pickup and Dropoff Instructions:  Pickup will be available on Saturdays between the hours of 10am – 2pm on the side of the building with the large Cherry sculpture. Please park your car at the curb or in the lot (if space is available) and then call our office at 319-365-9644 for curbside delivery.  Pickup is for online purchases only.

We are located in the Cherry Building across from the NewBo Marketplace.

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