Artist Residency 

Providing emerging ceramic artists with space, facilities, time, and professional interactions that will develop their ideas, skills, abilities, and help them focus as ceramic artists.

Year Long Residencies

The Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio can accommodate up to five Resident Artists in Ceramics or Glass. Residencies are typically for a 12 month period of time.  Longer or shorter terms can be negotiated as necessary and appropriate.


Some of our guest artists include:


  • Mel Andringa 

  • Susannah Biondo-Gemmell
  • Margaret Bohls
  • Linda Christianson
  • Bede Clarke
  • David Crane
  • Israel Davis
  • Chotsani Dean
  • Thaddeus Erdahl
  • Stuart Gair
  • Andy Gemmell
  • Gerit Grimm
  • Al Holen
  • Clary Illian 
  • Matt Kelleher
  • Gail Kendall
  • Simon Levin
  • Jeff Oestreich
  • Tim Pfiffner
  • Donovan Palmquist
  • Pete Pinnell
  • Joseph Pintz
  • Coleen Riley
  • Jennifer Rogers
  • Brad Schwieger
  • Amy Smith
  • Steve Maxson 
  • Nicholas Meyer 
  • Tashiaki Mori
  • Janis Mars Wunderlich
  • Shumpei Yamaki

This  biannual event, features demonstrations and lectures from artists such as Matt Kelleher, Jeff Oestreich, Peter Pinnell, Margaret Bohls, Bede Clarke, Israel Davis, and TJ Erdahl. Past speakers include Brad Schweiger, Jen Rogers, and Susannah Biondo. Gallery openings, slide lectures, mug exchange and more.

Sell Work

We have an adjoining 800 sq. ft. gallery which houses exhibitions throughout the year, primarily featuring ceramic and glass artists. Each Resident Artist will have a gallery exhibition toward the end of their residency, and may also have the opportunity to curate other shows. We also market and sell work through various events held at the Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio.

The Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio participates in and hosts 3-4 festivals and sales per year, providing students and residents the opportunity to sell their work.



My residency will always be a deciding factor of how I identify myself as I strive to keep growing as an artist.

- Logan Jensen