Scouts Badges 

Have your scouts earn their full pottery badge with hands on activities 

In a two and a half hour session, your scouts can complete most of their badge requirements!

  • 2.5 hour session offered in our Studio
  • Create and glaze 2 pottery projects, work on the pottery wheel and demonstrate a variety of skills
  • Take part in a gallery visit
  • Meet a professional artist
  • Visit a kiln room and learn about various types of kilns and the life cycle of creating a piece of pottery, and all of the terms associated with it.

About this class

  • Cost is $240 for 1-6 kids / additional $40 per person
  • Class runs approximately 2.5 hours

Registration Information

  1. Call or email us with the date and time of your choice.  
  2. Reserve your date and time with a credit card and a $60 deposit, refundable up to 72 hours until your party date.  The remaining amount is due on the day of the event.  
  3. Let everyone know!  Have the kids bring along a large t-shirt to wear over their party clothes, because getting messy is half the fun!
  4. Show up! We will have instructors designated just for your party including a packet of information for each scout.
  5. Drop off the kids and let them learn and create for 2 hours.  1-2 adults may remain in the studio per workshop.
  6. Our kiln managers will then dry and fire your items.  Your projects will be available 3 weeks after your session.