Independent Study Program (ISP)

ICCGS offers advanced students the option of working independently (formerly known as Open Studio)

We are SOLD OUT for MID AND LONG TERM CLAY ISP enrollment through July 2024.  SHORT TERM (Monthly ISP) is still available.

Short Term ISP  Pricing–CLAY SOLD OUT


Mid Term ISP Pricing–CLAY SOLD OUT


Long Term ISP Pricing–CLAY SOLD OUT

The Independent Studio Program (ISP) at ICCGS refers to artists in our community who use the community studio space and resources to work on their own.  Artists must have a proficient level of skill in clay or glass that allows them to work independently along with a comprehensive understanding of the policies and procedures of ICCGS.  Artists will need to meet the following requirements to be eligible for the ISP.  Due to the time intensive nature of clay and glass, artists must commit to a minimum of 2 months to ISP or classes in our studio. 

Qualification Requirements :

  • You must be a 2024 Friend of the Center
  • For both clay and glass, participants must have completed two classes for a total of 8-16 weeks of instruction at ICCGS or registered for the ISP within the past 12 months.  If you have not worked in our studio within the past 12 months, you will need to set up a Studio Orientation/Skill Assessment Session (a one time $60 fee) with our Assistant Director, Mary Wilhelm via email:  [email protected].
  • All individuals in the ISP must adhere to all Studio Policies and Procedures. A link to the current handbook can be found here.
  • If an artist is unable to successfully work within the guidelines of the ISP, they will be asked to return to a class session to further their understanding of the policies and procedures of the ICCGS Studio.

Artists registered in the ISP receive:

  • Open studio time
  • One shelf in the ICCGS community studio (20” x 36” x 12”)
  • Access to fire at ICCGS within the guidelines of our firing policy, artists are required to pay for all firing.
  • Specific programming focused on ISP & Friends of the Center through 2024. 

Please Note:

  • Work space is available on a first come first served basis.  Classes receive priority over workspace during their class time.
  • Artists must sign in and out of the studio.
  • Artists must provide their own tools, some community tools are available and purchase clay from ICCGS.
  • Shelves must be cleared at the end of each session if a student is not enrolled for the next session.  Anything left behind by students not registered for the next session is considered a donation to ICCGS. All tools, clay and glass will be placed in community use.

How to get started:

  1. Register to become a 2024 Friend of the Center.
  2. Read the ISP requirements to make sure you qualify.  If you do not qualify, please email the Assistant Director at Mary Wilhelm via email at [email protected] with questions.
  3. Register for ISP (see links on this page)
  4. Check in with the Assistant Director, Mary Wilhelm Wednesday – Sunday for Shelf Assignment at the start of your session.  

Additional Shelving–SOLD OUT THROUGH JULY 2024

Extra Shelves are available for purchase to individuals in Mid and Long Term ISP.  The extra shelf must be paid for at the time of registration. Extra space shelves are limited to 10-15 individuals in the Clay Studio and 1-5 individuals in the Glass Studio.  A waiting list will be created when the shelves are sold out. 

Adding Classes to ISP

Individuals registered for Mid and Long Term ISP can purchase a class for the difference in price of a Monthly Fee,  

“Being part of the ISP program has been paramount for my growth as an artist.  And I have also made some lifelong friends here.  I love coming into the studio to work.”

- D.F.