Iowa Ceramics Center & Glass Studio

Light the Fires Summer Fundraiser

Join us for a celebratory night on the patio!

Annual Summer Fundraiser

Events that Evening:

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Pit Firing, Wheel Demonstrations and lessons!

Learn more about working on the pit firing process and working on the wheel

  • Pit firing pottery is a traditional method of firing ceramics that dates back thousands of years. It involves using a pit or hole in the ground as a makeshift kiln, where the pottery is fired at relatively low temperatures. This technique is often used by indigenous cultures around the world as a simple and accessible way to create pottery.

Her work can be found in over 3000 collections around the globe. In fact, it can be found on all 7 continents!  

The elements you add to the bisqued items will create different colors and textures onto the clay

We will have have wheels for demonstrations and for quick lessons–try your hand at creating on the wheel!


Musical Entertainment

Nate Hines

We are excited to welcome Nate Hines as our Musical Entertainment.  Nate plays the acoustic guitar and will entertain us with his talent throughout the fundraiser.