Scouts Badges 

Have your scouts earn their full pottery badge with hands on activities 

In a two hour session, your scouts can complete most of their badge requirements!

  • 2 hour session offered in our Studio
  • Create and glaze 2 pottery projects, work on the pottery wheel and demonstrate a variety of skills
  • Take part in a gallery visit
  • Meet a professional artist
  • Visit a kiln room and learn about various types of kilns and the life cycle of creating a piece of pottery, and all of the terms associated with it.

About this class

  • Cost of $30.00 per child includes materials & instruction
  • Minimum of 6 kids
  • Class runs approximately 2 hours

Registration Information

  1. Call or email us with the date and time of your choice.  
  2. Reserve your date and time with a credit card and a $60 deposit, refundable up to 72 hours until your party date.  The remaining amount is due on the day of the event.  We require an estimate for the number of troops 72 hours prior to the date, so that we can make sure we have enough instructors.  
  3. Let everyone know!  Have the kids bring along a large t-shirt to wear over their party clothes, because getting messy is half the fun!
  4. Show up! We will have instructors designated just for your party including a packet of information for each scout.
  5. Sit back and let them learn and create for 2 hours.
  6. Our kiln managers will then dry and fire your items.  Your projects will be available 3 weeks after your session.