School Clay Order Form

Please fill out the form below to request a Schooll Clay Order.  Please review the steps below prior to filling it out

  1. Know what type of clay body you would like to order (the most commonly used in schools is Low Fire White or Low Fire Red).
  2. Know the number of 25 pound bags you would like delivered
  3. Know the purchase order number that the Cedar Rapids School District requires to pay our invoices.  You can get this number by contacting your schools secretary.
  4. We review the forms on every Wednesday at 2pm.  If you have submitted your form late than that, you will receive an email back on the following Wednesday.
  5. Know if you would like to pick up the clay, or if you would like it delivered for an additional $15 fee.
  6. Know the date you need to pick up the clay, or get it delivered.
  7. Thank you for your order!  We will get back to you as soon as we can. 
If you are paying by credit card, just enter'credit card purchase' and we will send you the invoice via email.